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Fri, 16 Sep 2016 20:26:04 AEST @ggillcdn Hello. The developer is working on our another projects too, he doesn’t receive any salary for Appmia project.

Thanks. Appmia Pro Review If you are looking for the primary cell phone monitoring software, Appmia will fit the bill. The main users of this product are guardians, bosses and partners who want the truth if they are being faithful or not. While this software has omitted some of the tracing applications, it does fine in others areas.

The software works in stealth mode so it is undetectable on the marked phone, as the feature will never appear in the lists or communications screens. You need to remember you have to be the owner of the phone in order to set up the application without the user knowing. Also in some instances you are required to get the agreement of person using it or you can end up with legal penalties. The ability to listen live to phone calls.

Appmia provides you with over 100 useful applications that have options such as the ability to record real time calls. The software offers over 150 useful applications with this program. The software provides a few apps like GPS to trace the location, it sends a duplicate of all texts to you, and call reports are available for examination. The ability to intercept calls and record are a couple other applications that are available and allow the account holder to hear or record calls live, unfortunately, that is only for use on android phones. You can enter the audio and photo files so that you can examine them. You are also able to monitor email activity, as an employer this will help stop confidential or proprietary information being sent to someone who shouldn�t have it as well as stopping the productivity being wasted on non-essential projects. Should the SIM card be replaced in the marked phone the account holder receives an alert right away.